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The first online marketplace for B2B opportunities in Poland

How to get the job done?

You are a contractor looking for the next B2B contract? Or you have a project ready to be done?

On iContract the project owner puts the opportunity for a tender. The contractor bids with a profile defined and verified on the platform. We provide also a matching of skills.

We connect contractors with project owners directly. All kind of contractors like IT developers, architects, surveyors, psychologists, sport trainers etc. They need to be registered as one-person company in Poland.

Why we are doing it

Hello, I'm Marcin. I've been doing contract work for over 20 years.

I know the pain of searching for the next project while working full-time on the current one. On the other hand the project owners don't have a platform to get the available contractors. They prefer to hire an agency. But it costs about 30% each side.

Platforms like ours work successful since years in countries like USA, UK, Germany, even Russia. Nothing similar in Poland yet.

This is why we have started iContract. For the freedom of choice. For direct connection to project owners, without intermediary agency. For a substantial change in the work/life balance of independent contractors. We deserve it!

Problem of a contractor

As a contractor, working on your own, you are busy with actually doing the current contract work - you have no single place to search for the next contract.

Our solution

iContract provides a single place for putting opportunities to be done.

Problem of a project owner

As a project owner - you have no single place to find the available and skilled contractors, where you can compare the bids and choose the best one.

Our solution

iContract provides a database of contractors profiles with their skills, availability, scores and reviews. All profiles verified by us.

Stay tuned

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